TonyDaniel, under his real name Daniel-Tony Marques Barreiro is a film music composer, born the 20th November of 1996 in Tours (France).


He began his musical education at the age of seven by taking arranger keyboard’s lessons with his great uncle and music teacher, José Freitas. However, it only lasted a few months. That did not prevent him from keeping learning on his own before focusing on learning the piano. During his youth, he took accordion lesson’s then piano in order to qualify for Europeans contests CEA-CEM where he got rewarded.


In 2014, he obtained his  “baccalauréat” in Arts with honors at his High School Choiseul in Tours. Then, he took a 1-year-class at Georges Méliès school in Orly (France) an animated-film school.


In the meantime, TonyDaniel discovered the Music Academy International (MAI) and its curriculum “Film Music Academy”. He decided to work as a seller at Darty for a year in order to get ready to enter this school. Since he is 14 years old he composes music on the piano and computer.


He entered the MAI’s formation in 2016 for a year and graduated as the valedictorian with honors. He got, as a reward, the possibility to be a part of the Concert “Film Music Pulsations” that took place on the 22nd of October in 2017, Salle Poirel in Nancy. He had to compose a music for a small part of a movie, played live by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Regional Conservatory of the area directed by Philippe Barbey-Lallia. TonyDaniel played the accordion and won the contest, beating 2 other young composers.


From the 3rd of September to the 9th of Septembre 2018, TonyDaniel had been selected to be a part of the film music composition class organized by the Festival “Des Notes et des Toiles” (Pont-à-Mousson, France). With 5 other young composers and under the supervision of Mathieu Alvado, he composed the music of the short animated-film “Eden” of Julie City played in live during the closure of the festival. TonyDaniel played the accordion.


At the moment, TonyDaniel has finalized the music and the sound design of the short animated movie “Rojava”, currently in festivals and directed by Emmanuel TEMPS, Hugo VOISIN, Marion BIDEPLAN, Guillaume MONTOYA and Noumi THIRIET.

TonyDaniel is the songwriter of the duo TONIMILO, created in early 2019 with Eline Derda (Milo). They signed with the Major Twin Music in September 2020.

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